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About Pets At Peace

Pets at Peace was 'born' when Craig Mitchell, now a retired Senior Ambulance Paramedic with the NSW Ambulance Service, lost his beloved pet Suzie.

Upon making numerous phone calls to various pet cremation firms, he noted that some used a large veterinary teaching hospital to cremate their clients' pets. Upon more investigation it was found that these pets were not individually cremated at all but placed together in a large furnace. Naturally Craig did not want a mixture of ashes but only of his pet Suzie.

This is when he commissioned Australia's first dedicated pet crematorium for the individual cremation of pets.

Pets at Peace now service the majority of Veterinary Hospitals, the NSW Animal Welfare League, the major Emergency Veterinary Hospitals, NSW Police K9 Unit, numerous boarding kennels to name a few.

Pets at Peace is now a household name with an excellent reputation and is recommended and used by the leaders in the pet industry.

Pets at Peace offers pet lovers a service in most areas with operations in New South Wales including Sydney, Canberra, Blue Mountains, Newcastle and the Central Coast..

Our professional staff attend to all enquiries in a prompt and professional manner and are equipped to handle any situation that may arise due to the passing of a much cherished and loved pet.

If you have any further queries please contact our office on 1800 636 797. We are here to look after you in your time of need.

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